Dancing days
Monday, 14 June 2004 00:00
Claire and John look back, but not in anger. Straight after they were knocked out on Sunday, Claire and John joined Justin to look back on their dancing days.

About their performance, Claire said, "I feel disappointed, obviously. I really enjoyed tonight. And tonight, it was one of the first nights it didn't feel like a competition. Maybe I should have thought in my head it was a competition because I was having so much fun."

John was also disappointed, but managed to laugh back any tears:

"I think we danced really well and that was reflected in the judges' marks. I think where our weakness was is that we didn't have any shenanigans going on."

Claire added that they had a cunning plan of their own to win public sympathy:

"I did have a plan if we got through; get photographed with a plaster-cast on my legs."

Claire went on to say that her mum would be really disappointed that she's out of the competition. "What's your mum's phone bill going to be like?" asked Justin. "Not high enough, obviously!" replied Claire.

Claire also revealed that they were not daunted by having to learn two dances if they had got through.

"No because we started working on next week's – how presumptuous were we?" she said.

We're now going to miss out on their Jive and Foxtrot, but John's spirits remained high:

"I've always said the main thing is enjoy yourself, as you don't know when you're going to be knocked out."


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